The Process of Aging

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As we have all come to find out, aging is a process that we all have to go through. Just thinking about aging builds apprehension regardless of our sex or our ethnicity. To have a better understanding of the process of aging we can also look at the process of it and we can even learn how to stop our skin from aging so quickly. Of course, exercise and diet has a lot to do with it but there is even cosmetic use will prevent some aging from taking place. We’re all familiar with the words wrinkle and a lot of us even freak out when a wrinkle appears on our skin. Did you know that when we start getting wrinkles our eyes actually aren’t seeing the wrinkle but the shadow of the wrinkle? When natural light is on these wrinkles the shadows completely disappear.

There are alternatives to wrinkle creams so that you don’t have to worry about slathering it on all the time. Although some wrinkle creams will help us with our wrinkles they do more – such as, firm the skin and improve the overall color. There are actually plastic surgeons that are losing their patients due to new anti-aging cream products that are coming out in the market. Many women are acting concerned when it comes to aging because of their marriage; they don’t want to look older than they have to because they want their spouse to be attracted to them at an older age. Our external appearance is in a sense a reflection of our health which is why we tend to pay so much attention to it. Billions of dollars are spent on anti-aging products every year because most of these people don’t want to go under the knife.


The anti-wrinkle creams that are bought actually make the wrinkle shadows disappear on your skin and not the actual wrinkles. There are some creams that will have a temporary effect on your skin until the cream is washed off. There are certain creams that may play more of a permanent role in reducing the appearance of wrinkles over a period of weeks and those will not reappear but these products are extremely expensive. These are the creams that contain certain water binding ingredients, antioxidants and anti-irritants.


There are certain creams that do improve skin damage and any changes that have taken place on your skin due to overexposure to the sun. There are some creams that can truly refresh your skin because of all of the moisture that is in the product. They will give your skin more elasticity and more of a firm feel; you may even feel the effects immediately. Have you ever heard of a crow’s foot wrinkle? This is a wrinkle that is near your eye and that wrinkle comes from the movement between your eyes and the sides of your face.

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